Public Sector Partnerships

TWIT members understand that networking and building of relationships and partnerships are key for business development and expansion.

TWIT has been pursuing partners in all sectors, Private, Public and Academic.

Private sector partnerships

TWIT has recognized and understood that the partnership with private sector business entities is fundamental to the organisation success to facilitate business growth of its members. TWIT members’ great entrepreneurial spirit and ambition certainly requires support and assistance from more experienced and in some instances highly skilled resources available in the private sector. TWIT has established at this stage strategic partnerships with several highly professional business entities providing TWIT and its members with highly sought after business development advise and very often sponsorship that is essential for the organisation in its beginnings and early development stage.

Academic Partnerships

Relationship with academic institutions and research organisations has been considered greatky important by TWIT. Getting first-hand information about commercial and operational trends in the Transport Sector is essential for our organisation to identify opportunities and approach relevant role players as part our networking activities. It is also prudent to TWIT members to consider relevant training requirements in their effort to improve professional skills, service effectiveness and competitiveness in the marketplace.


TWIT has already established a strong relationship with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). CSIR has been greatly assisting TWIT in their efforts to express challenges and issues faced by Women in the economic activity engagements in the Transport Sector. The communication platform provided to TWIT through CSIR is fundamental for the effective empowerment of women in our community.

"If you start to see more successful businesses that are playing on a global level, the story of Africa will begin to change" - Tara Fela-Durotoye

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